Welcome to the travel blog of Luke Kelly. I flew to Brazil in January 2011 with a one way ticket. Follow me as I journey around South America, getting by on the proverbial shoe string. I love football, design, music & food amongst other things and I'll be working as I travel - so those will probably be regular themes here. But a bit like my trip, I haven't really got a plan for this blog, so lets see what happens...
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Morro de Sao Paulo - another Brazilian paradise

Morro de Sao Paulo – another Brazilian paradise

After the madness of carnaval in Salvador vast numbers of party goers de-camp to the beautiful paradise spot of Morro de Sao Paulo. A village on the island of Tinhare, it's known immediately after carnaval as 'hangover island' (or something similar translated into Portuguese).
Ilha Grande - a Brazilian paradise

Ilha Grande – a Brazilian paradise

I really can’t fully describe how much I loved Ilha Grande, it was paradise – pure and simple. Me and Steve left Rio in a bit of a rush having spent five days there and hitting Lapa pretty hard the night before we left. I kind of felt like I needed more time in Rio. Not...