Hello. I’m Luke, a 30 year old (at the time of writing) man from London in England. On January 8th 2011 I flew to Rio de Janeiro on a one way ticket with just a back pack full of clothes, my laptop and every penny I’d been able to save in a year (not nearly enough).  My plan for this trip was to have no plan, which was useful in that I’m not very good at planning. That’s also my plan for this blog – to basically write what I like, say what I think and see what comes out. I’ve not really done much writing before and I’m probably not the best at it. The writing I have done seems to fairly accurately represent the way in which I talk – I use way to many words and take far too long to get to the point. Hopefully I’ll refine that a little bit as I go and my stories and thoughts will be coherent enough for you to read, whoever you are.

I’m not really interested in ‘monetizing’ my blog. Well obviously I am, if there was some magic way of this nonsense suddenly funding my trip I’d be delighted. What I mean is that I’ve read a few blogs about blogging (has there ever been anything more pointless) which talk about making your blog make money and it all sounds too much like hard work. All I’m wanting to do is record my trip, share it with whoever’s interested and take it from there.

My profession is graphic design, so I’m hoping that I can make my blog aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, if nothing else just to distract from the rubbish prose. I’m also planning to try and take my design skills on the road and use them as a way to make money as I travel – a location independent freelancer if you will. Or digital nomad to use the correct buzzword. And my attempts at making this work may well spawn some posts here to accompany my wonderfully written travel anecdotes. I’ll wait a second while you bookmark this site.

Other topics (other than just straight up travel which will obviously be the main theme) that will probably feature regularly are my interests in football, music (in particular dance music) and the parties that go with it, food and art. I’m a huge football fan (the mighty Tottenham Hotspur since you ask) and have also played a lot over the years – with about as much finesse as I write with. I’ve been more successful DJ’ing which I’ve done a lot of in the last 12-13 years in London. My original passion as a teenager was Happy Hardcore and it was during this period ‘DJ Lukozade’ was unleashed – I’ve played all over the place under that alias, most regularly with a huge rave organisation in London called Raindance. In recent years I’ve moved more into house and techno, playing under a few different aliases but mostly just as plain old Luke Kelly. Music is in my veins you could say and it was one of the big draws of Latin America… they know how to party!

My very rough travel itinerary is Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador & Columbia – in that order. I’m then thinking of moving back to Buenos Aires to live for a while all things being well money wise. But as I mentioned at the start my plan was to have no plan and everything is up for debate. But I am hoping to see all of those countries and that does seem the most sensible order. Also, for the first six weeks of my trip I travelled with my old buddy Steve, so he’ll feature in any stories from that period.

And that’s about all you need to know. Feel free to comment or message me if you have any thoughts. I’m always interested in feedback, good or bad and I genuinely would like to improve my writing skills.