Cusco is a real touristy town being that it’s the closest significant city to Machu Picchu. With this in mind I was expecting to have to pay more and that with so many places to chose from that we might end up somewhere less than great. Well we lucked out with Pirwa Posada del Corregidor – it was right on the main square, affordable and really nice. The staff were really helpful too and importantly for me it had decent fast internet (I had one really big design project on the go as we arrived).

The dorm I was in to begin with was big and comfortable, the only downside being that everything squeaked – the beds, the floors, the doors. And with two very nice, but very drunken, American room mates on a completely different schedule, the squeaking was pretty annoying for everyone. Only a very minor complaint though. The beds were very comfortable and the room always clean – it was en-suite too which was a bonus.

After 3-4 days me and Kari moved into a double room which was really nice. Homely and cosy it felt like a (tiny) little apartment. We stayed here for a couple more days (we were in a holding pattern around Machu Picchu due to the 5-6 day waiting period for entrance tickets) before we had to move to another Pirwa 2 blocks away. This move was forced due to the incredible demand for rooms in Cusco – it’s like nowhere else I’ve been in South America and last minute booking is pretty tricky.

The room at Pirwa Suecia wasn’t as nice as the one we left – although if we’d come here first I think I’d have loved it. It was colder and smaller and had an annoying sky light which meant it was bright in the room from about 6am. A good hostel, but not as nice as the Pirwa on the main Square.


(for Pirwa Posada del Corregidor)
Pirwa Posada del Corregidor
Portal De Panes #151
Main Square
Booking phone: +5184244315

Pirwa Bed & Breakfast Suecia
Suecia #300
Main Square
Booking phone: +5184244315