DJ’ing was somewhere between a hobby and a profession for me before I left the UK – I was semi-pro to borrow a term from football. In the last few years I’d backed away from it a little, only really playing for some of the bigger promoters I had long established relationships with (Raindance, Moondance, Innovation and some others). In the six months or so I’ve been away I’ve slowly started to miss it more and more, so I was pretty excited to get behind the decks again at the opening of brand new La Paz nightspot – Under Construction.

After arriving in La Paz I sent a few emails to clubs I’d found out about, pointing them in the direction of my music website. A couple responded straight away, with the soon to open Under Construction most keen. I met the manager who gave me a tour of the new club – conveniently situated directly under Lion Palace Hostel (where I was staying) – and he invited me to play on the clubs opening night. I was pleasantly surprised by what a cool little place it was. The ‘Under Construction’ theme had been carried right through with a very smart fit out – all black and yellow danger signs and hard hats. The bar was slick and very very well stocked, the DJ booth well positioned… but most importantly the JBL sound system was freshly installed and booming!

Opening night got put back a couple of weeks due to some licensing issues and it started to look like it might arrive too late for me (my Bolivian visa was running out fast). But right on cue the club was given the green light and it was all systems go. Invite only, with free drinks until 1am – the first Friday night in Under Construction’s life was a drunken industry affair. A who’s who of La Paz’s party scene (apparently… not that I’d have known either way) lapped up the free flowing booze and ended up dancing on the bar and swinging from the speakers. The lazers, strobes and smoke set the right tone and the techno I was pushing through the speakers seemed to be doing the trick.

The music I played to begin with was a pretty weird mix of techno, house, breaks and all sorts of stuff in between as I tried to work out what people were into. I was supported by a really good Bolivian collective who came on and smashed it up with a mixture of dubstep, electro and drum and bass before I finished the night off with some jungle & drum and bass classics of my own (closing up with Valley of the Shadows).

It was just what I needed, a good 3 hours behind the decks at a decent little party… although it fuelled the fire of my obsession more than anything else – I wish I’d got on it sooner out here! I’m going to be moving through Peru fairly quickly I think, but between here and home I’d like to try and make a few more South Americans dance to my music! Watch out Peru, Ecuador and/or Colombia…