Sucre is a city of hills and mountains and there are several great spots you can climb to which offer amazing views. Having been here now for around 7 weeks I would say the most pleasant of these spots has to be at Cafe Mirador.

The view from the courtyward above the cafe

Perched on a hill in Recoleta- just at the foot of the giant hill that houses the statue of Christ, Cafe Mirador is a super chilled out place which serves fantastic food, coffees and drinks. With a small, but very nice, inside area, it’s the tables and deck chairs positioned outside which make it so special. In my time here the weather in the day time has been clear and sunny 90% of the time (in the middle of winter) and on days like these the views across the city are breathtaking.

The menu is Italian based and very good (the main chef is an Italian apparently) – I’d specifically recommend the home made tagliatelle and the tiramasu, both of which are truly delicious. The coffee is also very good and everything is really cheap, especially considering the quality of the food and location. In the last few weeks it’s been where I’ve chosen to spend my Sunday afternoons, playing games (chess boards a plenty), drinking coffee (or cold beers depending on my mood) and dreamily making plans about the rest of my trip – although it’s hard to think beyond Sucre sitting up there.

5 Star rating if you’re talking in restaurant review terms – do not miss this little gem if you ever find yourself in Sucre.

An amazing spot to pretend to be able to play chess...

Looking down over the outside tables at Cafe Mirador