Having dusted off my boots in Buenos Aires I’d been bitten by the bug again and have been really missing playing football – so knowing I’d be stopped in Sucre for a while I was keen to find a way of playing a bit. Fortuitously, a couple of days in I was drinking with some other gringo Spanish students and found out about a weekly 5-a-side game. Even more fortuitous was that the game happened 2 blocks from my new apartment at the top of Calle Junin, so it was all there for me on a plate!

It was a fairly loosely organised event – an English guy called Mark being the driving force – and took place on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays then usually again on Saturday. We hired a 5-a-side court in the municipal sports centre for 2 hours and whoever was about made up teams. Through one of the Spanish teachers at our school, we also had a regular group of Bolivian guys who’d come and play, so there was generally a pretty good turn out. Ideally we’d split into three teams and play winner stays on. This really helped the competitive element as well as giving each team a breather every couple of games (not that I needed it of course… well maybe because of the altitude).

By the time I left Sucre the games had fizzled out. Mark moved on a week before me as did many of the other gringo players – but I did take charge of organising a couple of games with an Irish guy called Darragh. It’s very easy to book a pitch if you’re in Sucre and fancy organising a game. The office is underneath the main stadium (Estadio Olímpico Patria) which is just 2 blocks further up the hill. You just need to walk in between 11am-6pm and ask to book one of the two smaller football pitches – from memory it was office number 5, but there are only a few to choose from.

I’ve got a few videos of the games (face paced, top level stuff) and as soon as I’ve got them together I’ll upload them – in the meantime the above photo will have to do!