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One of the main reasons I’d decided to stop in Sucre was knowing what a Mecca it had become for Spanish learners. There seem to be Spanish schools on every corner here and being Bolivia it’s about the cheapest place in the world you can study – so pretty much my first task on arriving was picking which school to go with.

I really wanted to study in a group, rather than one on one as I’d been given some good advice that at a beginner level especially, that would be beneficial. The more I looked though the more it became apparent that the schools in Sucre don’t really work like that.  Generally groups that existed were 2 or 3 friends who’d clubbed together rather than classes set up by the schools. So one on one was the only real option. To help pick the school I’d asked around the hostel and in town for the first couple of days for any recommendations, I’d done a fair bit of research online and picked up as many flyers as I could find. This gave me a massive selection and I spent a day going from school to school getting a feeling for each. I narrowed it down to 4 schools; Fox Language Academy, Sucre School of Spanish, Spanish 4 U and the Alamena Institute. There were other good ones but having visited them all, these stood out. I ruled out Fox after hearing a few bad reviews from other Spanish learning backpackers. The Alemana Institute was just too expensive for one on one lessons… so it was a straight choice between Sucre School of Spanish and Spanish 4 U. In the end I plumped for the latter based just on a gut feeling after meeting again with both, they were much keener and friendlier and in then end offered a discount if I stayed the whole 4 weeks.

Spanish 4 me!

The choice was a good one I think. The lessons themselves were really well organised (I’m writing this having completed my 4 weeks) and I learned a huge amount – but speaking coherently is still a fair way off. I took classes for 4 hours every day – 8.30am to 12.30pm – which gave me the afternoons to work. I actually managed to take on a fair amount of work this month too which, whilst great for my trip, was a little bit of a hindrance for language learning. But by then end I was grateful to the school and very happy with the way they’d structured my tutoring. In the 4 weeks I covered all the grammar rules for the present simple tense, past simple and a little bit of the future. My biggest issue now is vocabulary which basically needs me to just use and practice what I know (and study new words).

Overall it was a great experience and I’d highly recommend Sucre as a city to stop and learn Spanish in… and you could do worse than studying at Spanish 4 U.

The common area at Spanish 4 U