My bus looked a little something like this...

I’m writing this on my laptop, sitting on a bus somewhere on the way to Salta. Unfortunately I’m writing into Word, I’m not on one of those elusive WIFI enabled coaches. They do exist, I’ve been on one myself, but I can’t work out who has them in Argentina – is it only on certain routes or just random buses? Dunno, but it would have made this journey a bit more interesting.

I’m travelling with La Veloz Del Norte for this trip. It’s the first time I’ve used them and I haven’t been that impressed. Bus is OK, pretty tatty but comfortable enough – however there’s no service at all (a first for me on an Argentine bus). We stopped at about 10.30 last night at a service station for dinner and then again at about 7 am for breakfast. Not only does this slow the journey down but it also adds to the cost. I chose to use this company as they had the best times and were the cheapest – only by a single Peso in the end as it turned out. Having to buy my own meals has added about $40 (Pesos) to the journey cost. I’m sure if I’d gone with Andesmar I’d have got a couple of cheese and ham sandwiches at least!

We’ve seen three films so far – first two in English, which would have been a bonus if they hadn’t been so shit. The first was one I’d seen, ‘Knowing’ with Nicholas Cage. Literally one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Starts OK but turns into stomach turning religious nonsense/big budget propaganda –not something I ever wanted to see twice! The second was like a made for TV ‘Good Will Hunting’. I can’t remember the title of it, but it was a long drawn out film about a kid who cheats at a roman history test basically. That was last night’s entertainment. This morning we’ve just finished watching a Argentinian film. I can’t tell you much about it, being that it was in Spanish – but from what I saw it was The Mighty Ducks story retold through girls field hockey. I enjoyed that one best out of the three.

The time now is about 11.30am, so we’ve been on the road for about 21 hours. It’s looking as if we’ll be a little bit late (all the stops have taken longer than the conductor guy announced), so it’ll be closing in on 24 hours by the time I hit Salta. Think I’ll probably pick another firm over La Veloz if there’s the option next time I get a long distance bus in Argentina. It’s not been a bad experience by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that every other bus I’ve been on here has been much better.

**Update** After finishing this post, we pulled into a service station and I was told to change buses as the one I was on wasn’t going to Salta now. Me and about 5 other passengers swapped on to a similar double decker coach and continued on. A nasty petrol smell filled the air almost straight away, accompanied by an extremely annoying beeping sound. I turned around and realised the whole top deck was filling with smoke – the engine had overheated and we broke down!

Eventually another bus arrived (our third) and took us the rest of the way to Salta, the journey took around 23 hours in total and if I can avoid it I won’t use La Veloz again!