If you read my post about Morro de Sao Paulo, you might have noted that I became friends with quite a few people from Buenos Aires. One of those people was a Welshman called Marc who’s a freelance writer and has been based here for about four years. Many of our conversations back in Brazil were about football – about Cardiff’s promotion hopes and Tottenham’s Champions League aspirations mostly – and one of the first things he did when I made contact on arriving in Buenos Aires was to invite me down to BAFA.

Buenos Aires Football Amigos is a club that brings all sorts of people together for 5-a-side games several times a week. Ex-pats, travellers, locals – players from all over the world and of all sorts of abilities are welcomed for games 3 days a week. Regular competitive tournaments are run and the club has a real social side too with asados every few weeks and plenty of social activities away from the games. The pitches they use are nice – I much prefer the 5-a-side set up here than back home. Goals like hockey goals rather than the waist height UK incarnations, bigger pitches and no stupid head height rule so the game ebbs and flows more naturally. The level was pretty good, not intimidatingly serious but competitive enough for it to be enjoyable. Having not played for months it was about right for me with my appalling fitness levels (probably not a surprising detail for anyone who’s played with me in the last few years). The teams it turned out were slightly imbalanced, my side completely running away with it – I scored 4 goals so something obviously wasn’t right.

The cost for playing was a reasonable $25 (Pesos) which is about £4 and the games last an hour. It’s a first come first served system with game times going up on the facebook page a few days in advance – the first 10 down get to play. There are games at 7pm and 8pm on Wednesday and the same on Saturdays and Sundays I think. There are also tournaments running from time to time – currently there’s a Sunday thing going on which I would have got involved with if I had a couple more weeks in Buenos Aires.

The social side of the club is great, after that first game I had a group of people and a venue sorted to watch the all important Spurs vs Real Madrid Champions League quarter final, including another die hard Spurs fan. But most of all it was just good to have a decent game of football – if you fancy a game and are in town, I’d highly recommend getting signed up with BAFA.