Just before I got to Buenos Aires my camera finally packed up. It had been playing up for a little while – initially freaking out on my mammoth coach ride from Iguazu to Mendoza, the zoom going mental every time I tried to adjust it. By the time I’d got to Mendoza this seemed to have worked itself out. In hindsight I should really have had it looked at then, but I was only there for a few days and like I say it seemed to have righted itself.

It was still being odd in Sao Paulo, and as my friend Julian pointed out, electronics don’t usually fix themselves. That would have been a great time to have had it looked at. Obviously I didn’t and by the time I reached Salvador it was really freaking out again – working intermittently, but the zoom function completely screwed. Just before I left Salvador to fly back down to BsAs it went completely and now won’t operate at all.

So after some phoning around, a bit of help from Spanish speaking friends and a fair bit of procrastinating I finally got down to the Panasonic specialists in Buenos Aires. Two days later they gave me the worst possible news – it needs a whole new lens, basically making it a write off (the lens costing about the same as a new camera.) So now I’m camera-less.
I’ve been hijacking my housemates and travelling companions cameras for the last month, and with my current financial situation I’ve decided that I’ll have to continue down this poncing path for a little while longer, I’d rather spend £200 on time here than photos of it. Luckily my laptop makes it easy for me to use friend’s cameras and quickly take the pictures off them. But it’s not ideal.

Gutted as the camera I bought for this trip was great until it died. I can pinpoint where it was killed too – the sand dunes on Floripa. Stupid.