After about a week in Buenos Aires, doing my very best to avoid the parties and nightlife that engulf this amazing city (and succeeding surprisingly), I decided to visit a friend in a similar low-budget situation over on the other side of town. “Get some whisky” they suggested, which sounded like a great idea to me so I stopped off on my way. Cheap whisky is universally disgusting based on my previous experiences in London – so I was quite prepared to push the boat out and split the cost of a bottle of Jack Daniels if needs be… but there were no brands I’d ever heard of in any of the shops I tried (which I admit was one). So I gambled and plumped for a local brew going by the name of ‘Breeder’s Choice’.

Much to our surprise it was delicious – a bourbon not at all dissimilar to Jack Daniels No.7 a smooth taste and very easy drink with a little bit of coke. Too easy in fact as we polished off the whole bottle in no time. Now I’m not recommending binge drinking, or getting drunk in anyway whatsoever – but if you’re low on funds and fancy a tasty, cheap drop of whisky, Breeder’s Choice is the way to go! $34 (Pesos) for 1 litre – that’s about £5!