One thing I’ve never thought when pouring milk out of a handy little plastic bottle is; ‘would’t it be good if this came in a little bag instead’ – but that’s the way fresh milk is delivered here it seems.

I didn’t even notice at first and was buying the more expensive cartons. Then when I did see these little sacks of milk they seemed to be the most impracticable of containers so I overlooked them bemused. It was only when Patrick, my American house mate explained that they’re designed to sit in special little plastic containers and are quite a bit cheaper than the cartons that I had another look.

It probably makes some sense ecologically as I imagine the material is much more recyclable than the plastic used in bottles in the UK, and once you get used to the containers it’s a fairly fool proof system. Even after a couple of weeks here though it does still seem odd to me buying bags of milk. But then maybe I’m the weird one.