After the extravagance of carnaval in Bahia (and the recklessness of some of my spending in the 2 months proceeding it) my savings have really been dented. So I’ve decided to test my work as I travel theory and settle in somewhere to try and earn some money. I’d looked at a few options for places that this would work best. The simplest would obviously have been Salvador, as that’s where I was up until a few days ago and travel costs have pretty much been my biggest expense. Two main factors worked against that idea; 1- it was too difficult trying to find somewhere suitable to live and work for a month, all the apartments I found were way to pricey and hostels just weren’t going to work (especially there where the internet was generally poor); and 2-it was going to be tricky getting to southern Bolivia which is the next stop I’m hoping to make. I also thought about Sao Paulo, but it was going to be expensive to stay there too and the Bolivian move was still tricky. So in the end I decided to fly back down to Buenos Aires, which is where I’m writing this post from.

From here it’s easy to get into Bolivia (there’s no jungle in the way so I can get a relatively cheap bus across the border), the city is really set up for short term renting and the internet connection is generally great. It’s also somewhere I’m thinking about moving later down the line as I fell in love with it first time around, so it seemed like the perfect solution. It’s much cheaper than Brazil too and I’ve made quite a few friends who are based here on my travels… so in the end it was a no-brainer.

So I’m ‘living’ in Buenos Aires now for the next 4-5 weeks, looking for work and trying not to spend too much money. I’ve already found a place – a nice big room with a desk, double bed and high-speed internet – in an (admittedly fairly ghetto) area called Constitucion. I’m keeping it real, Boca are my local team now and the Subte is my preferred mode of transport. All I need to do now is learn a bit of Spanish and I’ll pass for a native… that and make some money!!