Pacha crew!

Having spent a fair few hedonistic nights in the beautiful Pacha Ibiza – the 40 something year old original – I kind of expected to be a little underwhelmed by Pacha Buenos Aires.  There are Pacha nightclubs all over the world now and the London incarnation doesn’t really come close to recreating the splendour of Ibiza, but my night at Pacha Buenos Aires completely blew me away.

Placed right by the river within fairly sizeable grounds, it’s an impressively imposing club – a true superclub you could say. I arrived at around 2am having been out with some Argentinean couchsurfing friends beforehand and the place was rammed out and absolutely jumping. Miss Nine was the headline DJ and was in full swing as I walked into the club – slightly commercial for my tastes, but the packed out main room was very appreciative. I found Steve and the rest of our gang via some phone and text clues and went for a wander around the place…

Similar in scale to the Ibizan original, Pacha Buenos Aires has three rooms and an outside arena and my guess would be that it holds between 3-4,000 people. The middle room was playing more techy sounds – much more my cup of tea – but it was the smallest of the arenas (more of a bar room) and we didn’t hang around too long. At the top of the club is I guess what you’d describe as ‘room 2’. A fairly big space, good sound and a couple of big bars – it was busy but comfortable in here and they were bashing out some dirty electro/breaks. We got a drink from the bar and danced in here for a while, but it wasn’t the most inspiring of DJ’s on the decks and we soon got bored – taking our little party outside to the balcony.

From the balcony you could look out over the river and down on the party (which was really going off) in the outside arena below. The music policy outside seemed to be more funky/progressive breakbeat and the packed out terrace was lapping it up. Pacha Buenos Aires is set in a really cool location and chilling outside on the balcony, watching a crazy party going off against a backdrop of the tranquil night sky and beautiful river was a special moment. And it did feel very ‘Ibiza’!

Back in the main room, Miss Nine was finishing up – bashing out anthems and we forced our way back onto the packed out dancefloor in anticipation of something better from the next guy. We weren’t disappointed. A DJ I’d never heard of (and who’s name I now can’t remember), he launched straight in with some much tougher, techier house and the party stepped up a notch. From this point on we didn’t really venture out of the main room – all three of the last DJ’s kept us hooked.

Our party started to dwindle eventually, six had become three by 5am – but Steve, Silvia and me partied on until the bitter end and I was amazed by how many others stuck it out too. Reminiscent of parties in London in the early-mid nineties, the crowd here just didn’t want to leave. Three quarters of the dancefloor were still there at 8.30am when the music went off, chanting “U-NA-MAS… U-NA-MAS” –  “ONE MORE… ONE MORE”! It was amazing, made me all goosebumpy and nostalgic – it could have been Bagleys in 1995!

We were all set for an after party, but it turned out the flyer we had was for a party about 45 minutes across town – and with tickets for the massive football match at the Bonbonera the next day, common sense (otherwise known as Steve) prevailed and we called it a night. And what a night it was!