Buenos Aires is a city I’d been excited about coming to from the moment I’d decided on visiting South America. It’s a brilliant mix of Europe and Latin America and has a great reputation as a party town – and it certainly didn’t disappoint on that front. The first 10 day visit to the city allowed me to sample many of the hottest spots to party and my favourite night was either Saturday night at Pacha or the first visit to Niceto for the weekly Thursday night party – Club 69.

This was the reuniting of the Ilha Grande crew with a few additional members – a party of 8 of us in total which made for a real good mix and set us up for a great night. Laura was the driving force behind our choice of ‘Club 69’ as far as I can remember – it was an idea that came from the girls anyway and we all met up in a really nice bar opposite called Carnal.

Carnal and Niceto are both located in Palermo Hollywood, a very buzzy cool part of Buenos Aires. The best thing about Carnal is the terrace upstairs. It was busy but the eight of us managed to nab a booth area and we sat, drank beers and wine and caught up before heading over the road for the madness that is Club 69!

The club itself is pretty big with one main room surrounded by an elevated VIP area which overlooks the main dancefloor. The DJ is situated in a booth at the back of the main room with a big stage at the other end. It’s a little bit theatre like which lends itself well to all the theatrics that occur on Thursday nights for Club 69. I’d guess at it holding somewhere between 1200 and 2000 people… and it always seems to be rammed (I’ve been twice)!

The music policy is much better than I’d expected (well from my techno/house music loving perspective). I didn’t see any flyers and haven’t found out who was DJ’ing, but whoever it was was pretty good. Tight mixes and a really good selection of tech-house and techno. The atmosphere was jumping all night and it was still pretty rammed when we left the club at about 5.30, this being a Thursday night remember – so on from a purist raving perspective I was pretty impressed.

The real difference though with this night is the whole ‘elektrocaberet’ thing they have going. Reminiscent of the best of Manumission in Ibiza, they have a very sexually charged stage show – with beautiful women, confusingly beautiful drag artists and a ridiculously over the top drag queen acting as ring master. There are also occasional interludes to the night with strange performances and skits – we saw a hip hop act that consisted of a rapper and singer performing a song called ‘put your hands up for Michael Jackson’  while a 6 foot drag queen dressed as Michael Jackson with a skirt and breasts moonwalked in the background. It was bizarre, but just short enough not to ruin the flow of the night – it certainly stuck in your mind the next day too!

There are a lot of night life options in Buenos Aires, and plenty of really great ones – but if you like good underground dance music and ridiculous stage shows, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to lose a Thursday night.