Jonty, Steve, Silvia & Me... photo courtesy of Silvia 🙂

Everybody talks about steak and red wine when you mention Argentina and being a fan of both I was keen to experience the best it’s capital had to offer. There are steakhouses on almost every corner it seems and having tried a few, the quality is generally pretty fantastic – but after eating at the world renowned La Cabrera, I’m pretty sure I’ve sampled the best.

We’d asked around and read the guidebooks and all roads seemed to lead to La Cabrera for the best steaks in Buenos Aires. Actually now split over two almost identical restaurants (I assume due to it’s deserved popularity), we were impressed by the service straight away. With four of us visiting on a busy Friday night – without a booking – we fully anticipated not being able to get in, or at least to have to wait a while. Communication between the two places was good though, so although the first place was full – we were quickly shown to a table in the second restaurant a block away. During the 5 minutes we did have to wait we were all given a glass of champagne for our troubles… good start.

The service itself was fantastic, our waiter speaking perfect English and giving us a full run down of the menu, wine tips and more. He even advised us against ordering extra sides as he explained that the steaks come with plenty of extra dishes anyway.

I ordered the Bife de Chorizo and it was mind-blowingly good. The presentation was great and as promised it was served with a whole host of delicious side dishes – which could almost have been described as tapas. I’m no restaurant critic, but I love steak and have eaten plenty of it over the years – this is by far and away the best I’ve had. The suggested wine was affordable and delicious, but the real star as expected was the meat.

If you like steak and are in Buenos Aires, visit La Cabrera! By Argentine standards it’s not cheap, but it’s much better than anything I’ve eaten in Europe and by those standards an absolute bargain at roughly £25 a head.

Address: Cabrera 5127, Buenos Aires
Phone: 4832-5754