Buenos Aires has a very lively creative vibe to it – there’s a real buzz about the city, especially the ever expanding Palermo district, which is one of the reasons I fell so quickly in love with the place. Walking around, you’re constantly confronted with stunningly creative pieces of graffiti art. Very different to graffiti you see in other parts of the world, each artist here seems to bring a completely different style – from very graphicy patterns, through to manga style characters and even some which look like fine art painting. So when I found out there was a company running a graffiti ‘tour’ I was quick to get everyone else on board and get on it.

Graffitimundo were started a few years ago by two English girls fascinated by the unique Buenos Aires street art scene. Originally just running tours it’s since grown to become an exhibition organiser, artist agency and art shop. Having recently just finished a documentary on the BsAs scene, they are now a well and truly established part of the city and the fascinating tour reflected that.

Our guide walked us around the most active areas of Palermo, explaining about each piece and the artists who had created them. She also explained at the start of the tour how the scene had really boomed after the financial crash of the early 2000’s – rather than wallowing in their sorrow, the Buenos Aires street art community decided to try and cheer everyone up with bright positive imagery. This set the tone and took the graffiti scene here in a very different direction to places like New York and London. We also, by pure fluke, got to see inside the studio of one of Buenos Aires’ most prolific street artists – the tour passing by his window as he worked on a canvas. He shouted us up and we got to see some of the pieces him and his colleagues were working on.

It was a fascinating tour and I’d 100% recommend taking it if you’re in Buenos Aires ans have and interest in art or urban culture. It was reasonably priced at 90 Pesos and really well run.

Phone (00549) 11 3683 3219