An unbelievably chilled out surf hostel in the sleepy town of Barra da Lagoa, Portunhol was the perfect place to just kick back and chill for a few days. Run by a super cool Chilean (who can help you out with anything you need on the island) Portunhol had everything you needed to enjoy this part of Florianopolis.It’s location right by the beach is a massive plus, and if you’ve never surfed but would like to, it’s the beach you need to be on. The hostel itself is nicely laid out around a big garden and open kitchen, inside the small main building all the rooms are off the common room with it’s comfy sofas and free to use pool table.

Another hostel which naturally seems to bring it’s guests together – there was quite a bit of communal cooking and a couple of big nights down at the beach parties. We ended up staying about 5 nights before the lure of the action away from the sleepy town of Barra da Lagoa got too much. A great place to stay if you want to see the North of the island and chill – but you are a little bit of a mission from anywhere in Barra (a both good and bad thing depending on what you’re after)


Hostel Portunhol
Rua Armando José Afonso 65, Barra da Lagoa, Florianopolis, Brazil

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