As you might imagine, 10 men sleeping in a small room didn’t create the most tranquil of atmospheres – a particularly bad case of smelly feet on top of an all night long chorus of snoring (think Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus – We All Stand Together without any of the charm) wasn’t conducive to the best nights sleep.

Overall the service was good, breakfast was nice and the mixed room eventually acquired some better smelling, quieter sleeping females which helped. The hotel offered a lot of good tour options including an absolutely amazing day out on a boat (at a very reasonable price), so I left feeling pretty good about my stay. The one sting in the tail was the ridiculous Che Legarto policy on exchange rates. Basically they operate in American Dollars, but run their own (massively biased in their favour) exchange rate. This means that the price you’re quoted on line in Reals is actually not what you pay – what you pay is a lot more. As far as I’m concerned this is a scam and has lead me to actively avoid Che Legarto’s where at all possible.


Che Lagarto Paraty
Rua Benina Toledo do Prado, 22, Paraty, Brazil

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